Links & Recordings - Concertina discussion forum, plus history, buyers guide, and a lot more. - The International Concertina Association - a huge amount of Concertina research & articles. - the Horniman Museum, London, which includes a concertina collection

Salvation Army Tutor - the Salvation Army Tutor for the Triumph Concertina, 1938 (PDF). - music store with a variety of instruments, sometimes they have duets.

BarleyCorn Concertinas - music store for vintage concertinas, Barleycorn often has Crane duets. - the site of Andrew McKay and Carole Etherton, Crane players & singers. - the website of Charlotte & Spong

Crane player on YouTube - some very nice playing by Robert Dawson, on his 72 button Crane.

Paul Mccann plays Crane Duet (YouTube). - includes two recordings of Paul McCann playing his Crane. - Marien Lina's page on YouTube, which includes a number of Crane recordings. - several recordings by Jean Megly - includes MF269 & MF292, recordings by Brigadier Archie Burgess of the Salvation Army. Recordings by Ruediger Asche from Germany