The Crane Duet Concertina

Welcome to the Crane Duet Concertina website. The site was originally created by Steve Phillips and is now managed by the International Concertina Association.

While the history of the Crane Duet, also known as the Triumph Duet or the Butterworth System, is not exactly shrouded in mystery, much of the available information is scattered in different places. The aim of this site is to try and bring all of the pieces together, for the benefit of all owners and players, current and future, and, we hope, to uncover information which has not been published before.

At the same time, we hope the Gallery will grow to include examples of all of the varieties made over the years. Just because your Crane is "nothing special", don't think it won't find a home in the gallery. The more information we can put together on styles, serial numbers, etc, the better.

We have resisted the temptation to add any kind of discussion forum to this site. is already a well supported site for discussions on anything concertina related, and that should remain the case. But if you have comments, suggestions, additions, even complaints, about, please get in touch.

In the world of concertinas, the Anglo & English systems dominate. Even within the Duet world, the Crane is overshadowed by the Maccann. But to its devotees, it is the best.

We may never know how many were made, or how many still exist, but we hope this website will help to get us some way towards the answers.