Crane Duet Gallery

Maker : Dipper
Serial number: 85092
Number of buttons: 51
Year: 1985
Description & history:

Special Crane system instrument of 51 keys. New instrument to special order, having 51 keys 6.5" in size. Long stretch 7-fold bellows, narrow gold tooling. Best reeds in brass frames. Best black ebony on hornbeam with Honduras mahogany action board. Best brass riveted action, stainless steel capped lightweight buttons, slightly raised handbars.

"I should also mention that it's not quite standard. From the outset I asked for Bb2 in place of C#3 on the LHS (useful for song accompaniment). That now has an anglo button playing G2 on pull and B2 on push - great for tunes in G. (The Bb reed is a spare if you want to swap it round.) Later I had one Eb3 reed tuned down to A2. On the right I have the push C#4 playing B3. All this was done by Dipper. The reeds were weighted at the tip so it is all easily reversible by a competent tuner..."

Click here for a button layout, which was designed by the original owner, John Thornton.

Owned by: Paul Hurst
Country: UK

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